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The foreign language honor society emphasizes how studying a foreign language will enable people to enter another world, filled with endless opportunities. To know a foreign language other than their native, is essential in today’s world. Being able to communicate in their native language as well as an additional or numerous other languages will serve as an advantage. FLHS strives to promote cultural diversity among the members of the club. We want all of our students and members to take part in the cultural diversity, so we host events throughout the year to engage our members and the community.

Upcoming Event 

International Night
6-8:30pm / WHS Auditorium & Large Cafeteria
Friday, March 13, 2020
Snow date: Thursday, March 26, 2020

International Night is an event hosted by the Foreign Language Honor Society. Cultural identity is a significant factor of someone’s individuality, which is why we host this event: to focus on the unique cultures represented in our community and here at Washingtonville High School. The first hour is dedicated to performances of various kinds: singing, dancing, poetry, and more. After all of the talented performers have completed their performances, we welcome everyone to get a plate of food. Food is such an important aspect of every culture, it is capable of bridging the gaps between human beings by sharing a part of their cultural values. Foreign language honor society continues to celebrate distinctiveness each year at International Night.

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Mrs. Alemany

2019-2020 Officiers

President: Asia Fields

Vice-President: Hana Purisic

Secretary: Jared Lascar

Co-Treasurers: Samantha Frisbee & Elyssa Santiago