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The story begins: Around a year ago while cleaning out an old closet in the music department we came upon a large box. The inside was filled with old reel to reel recordings of the WHS Symphonic Band from 1959 -1969! Our music department is lucky to have the help one of our music parents, Mr. Wu, to bring the sounds of our past alive once again! His hard work of transferring these priceless 40 year old recordings to a digital format starts the beginning of building a collection of our music department's history.

Putting our past together: As this year progresses we hope to have many more recordings available to listen to. Additionally we hope to be interviewing band members from the past and present to share their memories of our ensemble's heritage. I will eventually have available an on line interview questionnaire for all past alumni, of any year, to share their memories with our present members. In particular, if you know of anyone who was a member of the band between 1959 and 1971 please contact us so we can have them share their memories. Additionally we are interested in posting photographs of the band and chorus from past year and other existing personal photos. If you have access to any photos from the past you would like to share please contact us.

My goal and hopeful legacy to the Washingtonville Music Department is to leave a comprehensive written, visual, and audiated documentation of our music department's past. I hope that our community will help me build this small dream of mine.

With Great Sincerity,

Mr. Contzius

WHS Wind Ensemble Director

Click here to view musical selections from the 1964 Symphonic Band