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Naviance Student

We have upgraded to Naviance Student for the 2019-20 school year. Naviance Student is the engaging, mobile-responsive replacement for Naviance Family Connection.

  • All college applications must be processed through the Naviance system for the 2019-20 school year.
  • Students must list all colleges they are applying to in the Naviance Student tab regardless of how the college requests the applications to be submitted.
  • Follow the steps listed in the Naviance College Application Process (below) to match your Common Application and enter colleges you are applying to.
  • The Transcript Request Form (see link below) must be completed, signed and brought to your counselor in order for us to release your transcripts to colleges.

If you have questions, see your school counselor.

Login to Naviance Student. When signing on use your traditional school logon (not email) and password. 


1Register for the Common Application ( ) if you’re applying to at least one Common Application School. (if you are not applying to any schools that use the common application click on the red Not Needed and proceed to number 3)

  • Everyone MUST complete the following tasks to sign the FERPA waiver in the Common Application:
    • Complete the EDUCATION section
    • Add at least one college to the MY COLLEGES section

2Matching the Common Application to Naviance Student:

  • Log on to Naviance Student
  • Click on the COLLEGES tab
  • Enter your Common Application email address in the COMMON APPLICATION MATCHING section
  • Confirm the date of birth as listed is correct
  • The Schools from your Common Application will automatically appear on your Naviance Student screen when you match the Common Application to Naviance Student
  • In the column APPLYING VIA COMMON APP? YES should be indicated if it is a Common Application college

3Colleges not using Common Application: If you are applying to a non-common application college you must add the colleges to your list by moving them from COLLEGES I’M THINKING ABOUT or clicking + add colleges to this list on the COLLEGES I’M APPLYING TO page.

3aComplete the student portion of the college application (Colleges not using Common Application)

  • Student's personal information, extra-curricular activities, honors and awards, community service and required essays
  • Supplemental application(s) should be completed only if it is required by the college
  • Submit student portion of application on-line with required fee
    • Contact the College Board or ACT Testing Company to send official score reports
    • SAT/SAT Subject Tests – or 1-866-756-7346
    • ACT – or 1-319-337-1313
    • AP Scores – 1-888-225-5428 or 1-609-771-7300

4Procedure for Requesting a Teacher Letter of Recommendation
Personally ask teachers to write a letter of recommendation and provide them with a copy of your resume.

  • Log onto Naviance Student
  • Click on COLLEGES

Your counselor will be completing your school report. It is not necessary to select them for a recommendation.

5Counselor Responsibilities
Your counselor will send the following items to each college when the student completes and submits to the counselor a signed TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM with the colleges listed. You may need to submit more than one request form if you apply to more than 6 colleges or your college application process is ongoing. Once the signed and completed form is received, the counselor will then send to those colleges or universities your:

  • Official Transcript
  • List of Senior Year Courses
  • Counselor Letter of Recommendation – Please provide your counselor with a resume
  • Washingtonville High School Profile
  • Secondary School Report

Your counselor will also send first quarter grades and mid-year grades to each college if/when the student requests it through Naviance.

6Types of Applications
Listed below are the ways in which students file college applications. Regardless of how you apply you must enter the college into the Naviance system.

7NCAA Requirements -
Division I

  • 16 core courses
  • Sliding Scale for GPA & SAT requirements

Division II

  • 16 core courses (as of Aug 1, 2013)
  • Minimum GPA 2.0
  • Minimum SAT Scores 820
  • Minimum ACT Sum scores 68